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Customs & Compliance

Origin (China) Customs handling

Customs Clearance
  • Export customs clearance with China Customs
  • Formalities required by other export regulatory government agencies, including export permit, export commodity inspection, and export quaranteen, etc.
  • Export document and compliance management

Destination (US) Customs handling

  • US Customs compliance consultation
  • ISF filing - 24 hours prior to the sailing date from origin port
  • Import document and compliance management
  • Import Customs entry and release

Customs Documents Management

Customs clearance

We manage the process of collecting the required documents for customs entry, making sure all documents in compliance with Customs regulations for the importation of specific commodities. The documents colletion process is related to purchasing, booing, and shipping processes. It is very time sensitive. Documents availability may depend on payment terms, letter of credit processing, freight and handling charge payment, and government regulatory requirements. SpecsPro has developed excellent procedures and tools to manage the Customs documents.

We are very familiar with Customs procedures and document requirement for importation. We efficiently and effectively work with your suppliers in China to make sure they follow all compliance requirements to produce the needed Customs entry documents.

HTS Classification & Audit

We help you in HTS classification for the commodities you intend to import. With the classification, we are able to identify any compliance issue that associate the specific commodity. We have solid experience dealing with commodtieis in most Chapters of Harmonized Tariff Schedule. We have good knowledge to help importers with compliance concerns for most manufactured goods. Also we have built sufficient awareness about when it is necessary to seek assistance from professional customs broker, or even conduct a Customs ruling.

For sourcing products from China, it is vital to address Customs compliance issues at the initial stage, making sure all government codes and regulations related to the import of the products are very clear. Compliance requirements and rules of Customs and other regulatory agencies in both China and the US need to be carefully studied before proceeding on product development and the sourcing plan.

Importer should never place a purchase order without thorough study of the compliance issues and concerns related to the products.

Compliance Menu

Our Customs specialist can help you establish a compliance menu to manage your import compliane. Compliance Menu is a important product document that demonstrate you exercise due deligent in satisfying regulatory requirements in your import business. With a well designed Compliance Menu, not only we can manage your import compliance with peace in mind, but also you reduce the chance of aggressive inspection when a Custom audit is ordered.


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