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PO Management

As part of our China sourcing consulting and operating service, we effectively communicate with your vendors to track your PO status and events, making sure your purchase order if fulfilled on time. Our consultants make seamless connection between PO fulfilment processes with the shipping and document processes.

Real-Time Visibility

Working from China, our consulting / operating team closely communicate with your vendors about your purchase order status. We follow up with the factory for production plan and inventory plan, making sure the production is finished as expected. We use cloud based file system to register each event, status, and exception on real-time basis.

Seamless Shipping Connection

With good visibily, we make seamless connection between PO events and shipping processes to make sure the shipment can be arrranged as soon as the PO is ready for shipment.

PO Events and Status Tracking

  • PO Number
  • PO Date
  • Batch Number
  • Commodities
  • Vendor Name
  • Factory Location
  • PO Destination
  • Requested Ship Date
  • Partial Shipment Y/N
  • Payment Term
  • Payment Status
  • Vendor's SO#
  • Vendor's Invoice#
  • Production Status
  • Estimated Finish Dt
  • Actual Cargo Ready
  • PO ETD
  • PO ETA
  • PO Delivered
  • PO Cancelled
  • PO Closed
  • PO Exceptions
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