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Principal Sourcing Consultants

YuJie Tang
Master of Engineering
Master of Business Administration
NCBFAA Certified Customs Specialist

YuJie has over 25 years of solid international business experience in manufacturing, import, export, logistics, shipping, distribution, and sourcing supply chain management. He has advanced background in both business and engineering, and has solid work experiences in both China and the US. YuJie relocated to the US in 2002 after 12 years of working in import and export business in China. YuJie is well versed about the business systems in both China and the US. Operation and business process are YuJie's specialty.

YuJie has an MBA degree from the Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas (2004); a master degree in Fine Mechanics from Shanghai University (1990); a bachalor degree in Machine Building & Automation from Southeast University (1986). He was a Licensed International Trade Specialist certified by the Ministry of Foreigh Trade & Ecomomic Cooperation of China (1993). In 2007, Yujie obtained Customs Specialist Certification issued by National Customs Brokers & Forwarder Associate of American (NCBFAA).

Before he came to the US in 2002, YuJie worked in management position for Kunming High Tech Products Import & Export Corporation for 9 years. In this job, he successfully initiated, implemented and managed the contract production, export and distribution of consuming products for Unilever, conducting products development, production, logistics, compliance, distribution and supply chain management. Eealier, Yujie worked in Yunnan Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp for 3 years. He started as logistics coordinator and advanced to project manager in charge of exporting motors, welding machines, machine tools and casting/machining/sheet metal parts to US OEMs.

In the US, from 2005 to 2011, Yujie worded as the Director of Logistics & Supply Chain in North Star World Trade Services, Inc. / Navegate, Inc. In this position, he further advanced his capabilities in shipping, logistics, customs compliance and supply chain management. He taught himself about ISO9001 and the Toyota Way, and was able to successfully apply the strategies and techniques to his customers' import supply chain operation. His notable customers were Northern Tool & Equipment, HOM Furniture, Sportsman's Guide and SPX etc. Through series of supply chain improvement initiatives for his customers, Yujie increased the supply chain visibility, enhanced control and streamlined operation processes. He successfully developed and implemented logistics management and purchase orders management porcesses for a combined anually import volume of over 5000 containers from China to the US.

Starting from 2011, YuJie became self-employed starting his consulting and logistics management service. Noteble customer was Digi-Key Corporation. From 2011 to 2015, YuJie took the roles in Digi-Key from Senior China Business Strategy Advisor to Director of China Operations on contract basis. In these positions, YuJie was in charge of Digi-Key's China RMB business plan development, China business registration, operation processes design and setup, ERP implementation, human capital development, digital marketing (Baidu search enginer marketing) and daily operation management. In a year and half after the China business launch, the Digi-Key's RMB operation processed 1300 orders a month, which contribute to over RMB 7 millon monthly revenue, serving over 5000 active customers in China.

John Mattson
Licensed U.S. Customs Broker
Import Compliance Consultant

John received his U. S. Customs Broker license in 1975 and has over 45 years of experience in import and export compliance. John established brokerage operations, working closely with U. S. Customs, in the ports of Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis and Seattle.

During his career, John has worked as a national Import Manager, Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Instructor, and Technical Services Administrator for major U. S. Customs Brokers.

John has taught courses in import compliance, classification, and has successfully assisted students to prepare for the Customs brokerage exam—an exam with an average pass rate less than 15%. John also served on the preliminary Educational Committee for the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, Inc.

John is the owner of John P. Mattson, Licensed Customs Broker, providing specialized U. S. Customs clearance services and consultation in U. S. Harmonized Tariff Classification and import regulations.

John Mattson's Bio


John Mattson is a licensed U. S. Customs Broker with over 45 years of experience in Customs brokerage, import compliance, U. S. import documentation, and Customs law.

Major Achievement
  • Established and developed new Customs brokerage operations, with emphasis on standard operating procedures, training, and Customs compliance
  • Prepared C-TPAT documentation for Customs Broker/Forwarder and importer
  • Developed Compliance Manual for sales team to effectively sell Customs brokerage services, also broadened the manual to include the import team and related offices
  • Recognized consultant and effective teacher—conducting training classes and producing educational material for staff and clients
  • Extensive interaction with legal community—familiar with various aspects of Customs Law
  • Developed a 5-week Customs Broker Exam Preparation course
Professional Experience
  • National Import Manager 
    Managed import operations and corporate compliance 
    Established Remote Location Filing procedures
    Audited Customs entries and conducted in-house training 
    Performed classification projects for clients
  • Vice President and Corporate Secretary 
    Established branch offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami and Syracuse
    Managed Customs brokerage operations at corporate and branch offices—28 employees
    Audited Customs entries and performed in-house training 
    Developed a Customs Compliance Manual to standardize operational procedures
  • Instructor 
    J. P. Mattson & Co., Inc. and Circinus, Inc – Customs Broker Exam Preparation
    Janavaras & Associates, Inc. – Fundamentals of Customs Brokerage
    University of St. Thomas, Center for Business Excellence – Import Compliance
    Minnesota State University at Mankato – Fundamentals of Customs Brokerage
    Honeywell, Inc. – Classification Basics
  • Import Manager & Technical Services Administrator 
    Managed staff of 21 employees
    Provided technical training in Harmonized Tariff and Customs Regulations 
    Chaired weekly Branch Managers teleconference meetings 
    Published information notices for clients
    Established and managed local Customs brokerage operations for international forwarder

Sourcing Expertise

Knowledge & Experience

China US business

ChinaLinQ consulting team have solid knowledge about the business systems and operations in both China and the US. Through decades of hands-on experiences working with many kinds of manufacturers, importer and exporters, carriers and forwarders, customs brokers, and other essential service providers, we have developed invaluable expertise about the best practices for the entire China sourcing supply chain, on logistics, customs, compliance, purchase order management, product development, factory audit and quality assurance. Our sourcing consultants help you identify challenges and locat the pitfall. We develop optimized solution for your China sourcing endeavor.

Practical Approach


ChinaLinQ has developed mature and standardized operating processes in managing logistics, PO management, customs and compliance from importing products from China. We are well trained to learn your sourcing operations, understand the needs, and identify areas for improvement. Our consultant / operator can quickly plug in your requirements to our well developed system, and get your operations running smoothly immediately. You can just send us your purchase order information and give us your vendor's contact information, we will have your shipment properly taken care of the next day, with all customs compliance requirements considered, and real-time control and visibility provided. With ChinaLinQ, you have a fast setup and peace in mind about your China sourcing operations.



ChinaLinQ consulting team strive to deliver the most effecient and effective solutions for your China sourcing endeavour. With the practical solution we develop and implement for you, the investment and risk of your sourcing business will be greatly reduced. We bring you with the best practice in managing your supply chain to help steamline your processes, bood performance, trim waste and redue the risks. For small and medium sized importer, we are not just consultants, we can act as your import operation department. With ChinaLinQ, your import operations are reliable and consistent, while the cost is on-demand basis.

Professionalism & Dedication

container load

Each of our consultant is process driven and and detail oriented. We work out plans, process charts and use-cases; develop standard operating procedures (SOP), standardize communication format and documents. We keep documenting and updating requirements, specifications, processes, and any changes. We put continuous improvement program in place to systemetically improve the performance. We never give up any opportunity to boost performance and trim the waste.

We practically apply tools and methodolodges from ISO 9001, 5S and continued improvement. We take the efforts to get in-depth understanding about for your operatins and requirements, and make sure all processes are followed and compliances satisfied.

Reliable Business Network

Shipping from China

Over years, ChinaLinQ has established extended import business network and reliable working relationship with many manufacturers, carriers, forwarders, customs brokers and other sourcing service providers in both China and the US. We bring you with the best prices and refined services that reduce your overall cost, and achieve consisent high quality results. We have developed advanced business system and processes in providing optimized and reliable solutions for your import supply chain operation.

With ChinaLinQ, your entire sourcing and import operations are in the best hands. Our practical and customized services create much desired value for small and medium sized US importers. Remember, we do not just act as consultants, but effective operators.

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