Your dedicated China sourcing consultant
ChinaLinQ is your dedicated China sourcing consultant. Our expertise are in
Logistics • Customs • Compliance • Engineering
  • Consulting + Operating

    ChinaLinQ provides integrated China sourcing consulting services in import shipping, Customs handling, compliance, purchase order management, quality assurance, and custom manufacturing. We implement practical sourcing logistics solutions and continue to manage the daily operations for you.

  • Process Driven, Detail Oriented

    Our China sourcing consultants are well versed in the operation processes and practices on the entire international business transactions and door-to-door shipping. We develop optimized supply chain processes for your operations, and watch for every event and status for your purchase orders and shipments.

  • Document Management

    We systematically manage all documents for the import transaction, including commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, ISF forms, shipping order, arrival notices, delivery order, and Customs entry documents, etc. We make sure documents are available ontime and delivered as expected.

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Our team of sourcing professionals, working from both sides of the Pacific Ocean, manage and track your purchase orders and shipments around the clock. We make sure all processes and requirements are followed, from production to delivery, achieving real-time control and visibility on your supply chain.

  • Cloud Computing & Big Data

    ChinaLinQ adopts modern cloud computing technology to store, organize and share documents and status for your purchase orders and shipments. Order and shipping events and status are secrurely recorded, updated and shared on the cloud. With all shipping and PO events and status accumulated, we provide big data analysis on performance and achieveable capacity on each process. with big data analysis, we provide practical benchmarks, identify weak link, and achieve a ture supply chain visibiliy.

  • Improving Your Bottom Line

    We strive to deliver the most effecient and effective solutions for your China sourcing endeavour. We help streamline your supply chain, boost performance, trim waste, and reduce risks for your import business. With ChinaLinQ consulting / operating team, your China import operations are in the best hands.

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